*** Evacuation Alert ****

As of December 17-31 , 2019 – Exact date still confidential – two eight hour runs from Leviathan Gas Processning Platform are planned. In the process of these runs immense amounts of cancerous material will be released (equivalent to the allowed amount to be released in two and half years of standard operation!)

 This run was authorized in a political hijack without running a public health survey. 

In a place where authorities, municipalities and government offices are diminishing and disappearing, we Home Guardians are forced to take their places and assume responsibility for our fates.

Therefeor we recommend that all residents of the shoreline between Haifa and Netanya, evacuate the area while these emissions take place.

The recommendation mainly pertains to those who are part of at-risk groups: pregnant women, babies, children, seniors, people with breathing disorders, sickly etc. but not only those.

The reasons behind the Evacuation Alert

The Home Guardians scientific advisory has run a conservative scientific model for prediction of Benzene (a known carcinogen) emission and dispersion from the rig to the inhabited areas.

According to the model- only part of the pollution will reach the shore and Benzene levels are predicted to be lower than the permitted environmental levels defined by the Ministry of Environment Protectionthat is there should not be a  violation of the Israel Clean Air Act.

However, since human health is at risk, we choose the principal of preventative caution and recommend evacuation of the region for the following  reasons:

  1.   Uncertainty regarding rate and quantity of emissions as published by Noble Energy which were used as the basis of the pollutant dispersion model.
  2.   Uncertainty with regards the direction and speed of the wind on the emission days which bares great influence on pollution concentrations on shore.
  3.   The assertion of Almog Committee that Benzene exposure is carcinogenic   at any level even below recommended levels.
  4.   Lack of trust in monitoring data coming from Sharon-Carmel Environmental Union. This in light of specialists’ opinions.
  5.   The model tested is for Benzene exposure only. There are additional toxic and carcinogenic gases which will be emitted and have not been tested by us nor by other parties.


>> Enlisting for rides —to follow soon

 We will continue to pressure the authorities as well as Noble Energy to hand us the exact dates of the emissions

Ø  We will continue tracking pollutants on the shore

Ø  We will continue to update on preparations for evacuation


will not remain silent of the disregard and negligence of human health and wellbeing for the immense benefit of the energy tycoons!

We continue to be vigilant and keep you updated 

>> Location of Protest will be published soon; it is planned for the first day of emissions planned between December10th and 31st based on Noble Energy’s’ announcement.

The event will be appropriate for families with children and a crowd of all ages.

In parallel we are promoting the establishment of a Home Guardians independent monitoring system with transparent and credible data.

This is expensive. We need your financial support for its establishment and the continuation of our struggle

6 Miles is too close to home

The Leviathan nearshore gas processing platform can:

• Ruin Israel’s coastline
• Contaminate water sources
• Cause dangerous air pollution
• Poison marine life

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What world renown experts say

What world renown experts say

The safe alternative

The safe alternative

A Floating Gas Processing Platform (FPSO),
over the gas field, 74 miles from Israel's coast!

Since 2010, 97% of deep-water oil and gas fields are developed using offshore FPSOs, above the  fields. This is the case for Karish and Tanin, two Israeli gas fields located near the Leviathan field.

Israel’s Ministry of Energy praised the developers of Karish and Tanin for choosing an offshore FPSO and by that, minimizing the hazards to Israel's public health and environment. Yet Leviathan’s platform will be located only 6 miles from Israel's coastline.

An offshore FPSO will minimize the risk to:





About Us

About us

Our Organization

Homeland Guards ("Shomrey Habait" in Hebrew) is an Israeli environmental protection organization with more than 200,000 supporters and thousands of volunteers (and growing daily!).

We are a non-profit organization, without any political agenda, funded entirely by donations.

Our Goals

  •  Ensure that raw gas is processed as far from Israel’s coastline and population centers as possible.
  • Prevent the transportation, storage and treatment of hazardous by-products of natural gas processing, such as condensate, in close proximity to Israeli population centers.
  • Move Israel's petrochemical industry far away from population centers.

Our Principles

  • We are non-political
  • We are non-violent
  • We engage in respectful dialog

"Look at My works, how beautiful and praiseworthy they are! And all that I have created, it was for you that I created it. Pay attention that you do not corrupt and destroy My world: if you corrupt it, there is no one to repair it after you."

– Kohelet Rabbah 7:13

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