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Israel Earth Guardians

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Israel Earth Guardians

 Israel Earth Guardians is the country’s leading citizen organization in the fields of energy, environment, and public health.

Our nationwide campaigns advance policy and legislative change to promote renewable energies, cleaner industry and climate-change preparedness.

Funded by the public alone, our achievements are entirely thanks to acute awareness that safe energy, air, water and living conditions are critical for a safer Israel and planet. 

Israel Earth Guardians

Israel Earth Guardians stands with the people of Israel during this time of crisis, praying for the speedy and safe return of all our hostages and troops and extending our deepest sympathies to the families of the fallen.

The past months following the October 7 attack have brought an ocean of pain, loss and challenges that have touched and continue to impact the entire country. Within these hardships, however, the Israeli public and supporters worldwide have steadfastly worked together, bringing solutions and hope. 

We have been deeply involved – joining government and fellow environmental organizations planning the sustainable rebuilding of the Tkuma (Gaza Envelope) communities, presenting the dangers posed by fossil fuels during routine and wartime to Israel’s parliament and the media, and far more.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the political leaders and communities worldwide, Jewish and others, supporting us during this difficult time.  Your actions of courage and caring bring much light and hope.  

Thank you, Todah.

Am Yisrael Chai עם ישראל חי  

Israel Earth Guardians

News & Updates

Bringing Change
Israel Earth Guardians – Wartime Update 

In the News

Time of Israel, January 8, 2024 by Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi 

“Right now Israel is fighting to protect their people after the brutal October 7th attack, kidnappings, and the subsequent rockets from Hamas, Hezbollah and others. So for many, the topic of climate change was pushed into the background. However, the issue of fossil fuels is vital to Israel’s national security.”  

Interview with Yoni Sappir, CEO Shomrei Habayit

Why Your Support Counts

Reduced Leviathan Rig Emissions

Public action combined with reports by local and international experts cut Leviathan gas rig emissions by 98% compared to the Tamar Rig's 2017 emissions. Chevron was also fined 7.5 million shekels for emission violations, some of which we helped detect.

Citizen-Funded Air Pollution Monitor

We're establishing an unprecedented civilian air pollution monitoring system. Currently piloted near Haifa’s oil refineries, the system monitors ten times more pollutants than existing stations. We plan to target additional pollution hotspots nationwide.

Reduced Tamar Rig Emissions

Seven and a half years – This is the timeframe that the Tamar rig operated without any restrictions and was the most polluting plant in Israel – until we arrived, demanding restrictions at Tamar as well. As a result, Noble Energy (later bought by Chevron) was forced to invest 140 million shekels in pollution-reduction measures.

Canceled Gas-Fueled Power Plants

Plans for four gas-fueled power plants were canceled thanks to our joint campaign with other organizations. We submitted objections to additional gas plants, which are currently under review.

Secured Early Warning Marine Pollution Detection

Two critical spill detection systems will be installed at the Leviathan and Karish-Tanin gas rigs due to our efforts. These systems will provide the critical early spill detection needed to protect our beaches and desalination plants, as demonstrated by the 2021 tar spill disaster that polluted much of Israel's coastline.

Blocked EAPC Oil Agreement

We helped block the Europe Asia Pipeline (EAPC) plan to increase the amount of oil piped to Europe through Eilat and Ashkelon’s port by ten times or more. This campaign included intensive outreach and collaborations with peer organizations, crafting white papers, and appearing in Israel's parliament.

Diverted 500 Million Shekels From Polluters

500 million shekels! This is the amount that our Clean Energy Forum diverted from polluting oil, coal, and gas projects.

Prevented Dangerous Regulatory Body

We helped prevent a regulatory board aiming to critically weaken the ministries protecting our health, safety, and environment. The board was established with only advisory rather than enforcing powers. You may not have heard about this, but this accomplishment directly affects all aspects of our lives.

Galvanized public action

We galvanized widespread public action that helped shut down several leaking oil tanks in Haifa’s refineries and convinced the Ministry of Environment (MoEP) to close Haifa’s bitumen plant, which had repeatedly violated restrictions. Our independent monitoring also led the MoEP to demand that Delek Ltd. reduce emissions.

Reduced Ashdod Pollution

Four of Ashdod's highly polluting gas-fueled power plants reduced their emissions starting in 2022 thanks to our efforts, joined by local organizations and residents. These restrictions were enforced despite objections by the Ministry of Energy and Israel's Electric Corporation.

Refuted the "Gas is Green" Campaign

We petitioned Israel’s Supreme Court against the false TV advertisements by Israel's gas consortium, clarifying to the public and media that gas is both highly polluting and a key driver of climate change.

Drove Legal, Parliamentary, and Outreach Efforts

We initiated and participated in legal proceedings and parliament committees. Tens of thousands attended our hundreds of nationwide outreach meetings, learning about the climate crisis, the oil and gas industry, and clean energy alternatives.

Click here for in-depth coverage of our successes.

Why We Care

Our energy policies are dangerous

A fossil-fuel-based economy anchors Israel to dangerous and polluting energy.

  • Breakdowns due to structural failures, terror or earthquakes could severely endanger civilians and national infrastructures. 
  • Risks include power and desalination plant shutdowns, long-term beach closures, and unprecedented tourism losses.  
Israel Safe Energy
Israeli fuel tank hit by Hamas during the 2021 conflict. Credit: AFP

We're more vulnerable

Israel’s tiny dimensions make it especially vulnerable.

  • For perspective, at 22,000 square kilometers, Israel is roughly 448 times smaller than the U.S. and 25 times smaller than France.
  • The U.S. Deepwater Horizon spill 41 miles off Louisiana contaminated 1,300 miles of shoreline. In comparison, Israel’s entire Mediterranean shoreline is only 122 miles long and its Tamar and Leviathan gas rigs are 14 and 6 miles offshore.
Infographic - Dangers of Fossil Fuels Spills to Israel
Original image source: Encyclopedia Britannica

We're a global warming hotspot

Tackling the climate crisis is especially critical for Israel and other Middle Eastern and North African countries. 

Israel Climate Change

We’re endangering our water, trade, and marine habitats

Roughly 75% of Israel’s drinking water comes from seawater desalination.

  • Desalination plants are unable to filter seawater contaminated by oil – which means that gas rigs and other fossil fuel infrastructures pose a critical strategic danger to Israel’s citizens.
  • Over 99% of Israel’s international commerce is conducted by sea. Severe oil spills (characterized by fire and toxic fumes) are impassible and would, therefore, have critical economic implications.
Global maritime shipping routes. Credit: worldoceanreview.com
Main global maritime routes. Credit: World Ocean Review

We're choosing yesterday's technologies

Israel’s energy sector remains reliant on fossil fuels, with renewables producing less than 10%.  

  • We continue to invest heavily in fossil fuels, with plans for more gas-fired facilities nationwide.
  • The government has also approved additional oil and gas exploration, including in the Arava desert. This, despite Israel’s plentiful sun, hi-tech prowess, and urgent calls worldwide to curb emissions. 
Israel Solar Energy

Expanding to a global perspective – Climate change represents an existential threat to our planet.
A flagship 2022 report warns that global greenhouse emissions must be reduced to limit Earth’s warming to 1.5 °C (2.7 °F). Beyond this target, our climate is expected to spiral out of control.

What Must be Done

Israel must transition its economy to renewable energies, a strategy already pursued worldwide. Benefits – including environmental, health, security, and financial – will dramatically surpass fossil fuel profits.

Leaning on fossil fuels blinds the eyes of Israel’s decision-makers, preventing critical investments in environmental innovation. Our startup nation features hundreds of companies tackling climate change – including energy production and storage. Technological breakthroughs would place Israeli companies at the forefront of the international struggle to stabilize Earth’s climate. 

Which future will we choose?

Israel Solar Energy
Israel Climate Change
Israel Renewable Energies

influencing policy

Our leaders now frequently attend government meetings on energy & the environment 

monitoring pollution

We’re launching the first independent air pollution monitor in Israel’s history

greening finance

We established the Fossil Free Israel Forum, which has already divested millions to green funds

changing curricula

We helped influence the Ministry of Education to add obligatory climate change curricula and remove materials benefitting the fossil fuel industry

reducing emissions

The Tamar rig operator was forced to invest $40 million in measures that reduced emissions by 98%

penalizing polluters

Chevron-Noble Energy was fined nearly 7 million NIS  for severe emissions to air and sea


Our activities are 100% publicly funded – from our legal, outreach and demonstration expenses to our currently piloted independent air pollution monitor, expert reports by leading local and international figures and far more.

Resident report of health hazards suspected to be related
 to polluting oil or gas facilities

Dear residents,

Please report any health symptoms, odors or other hazards that may be related to pollution from oil or gas facilities. Your reports are critical to ensuring effective control, monitoring and enforcement against polluters.

To report your concerns, please contact the Ministry of Environmental Protection (Phone: 073-2733200 or * 6911) and also click on the button below.

We will use the information for our regulatory efforts, legal needs, and medical and scientific reports evaluating the impact of these toxins on public health and the environment.

Thank you for your partnership! 

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