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Our legal and scientific teams are doing the work that the ministries of environment, health, and other regulatory authorities should be doing for the public. We persistently correspond with government ministries and ministries and municipalities to ensure the transparency of information, pollution monitoring, and use of best available technologies.                    

Our teams: 

  • Provide reports from local & international experts
  • Evaluate permit applications 
  • Prepare freedom of information requests
  • File court petitions
  • Participate in Israel’s parliament committees    

Raise Awareness

IHG works tirelessly to mobilize the public support critical to a safe and just energy sector for today and future generations.  

Initial media outreach proved challenging (partially since specific gas industry stakeholders also own major media platforms). However,  we now receive crucial coverage on leading TV, newspapers, and radio channels.

We’ve also held countless.

  • Informational evenings
  • Demonstrations, including Israel’s largest-ever environmental protest at Tel Aviv’s iconic Rabin square and a record-breaking surfer’s circle
  • Protests outside the homes of relevant decision-makers 
  • Media interviews                                                                                                


IHG collaborates closely with other Israeli green and social activist organizations. We are a board member of the long-standing Life and Environment, featuring most of Israel’s non-profit environmental organizations. 

We also helped establish the Clean Energy Forum uniting groups focusing on alternative energies, which has diverted 500 million shekels from polluting oil, coal and gas projects. 


We undertake extensive fundraising activities, doing everything we can to protect our home & future generations.

Your support will allow us to continue to hire experts, file petitions, and refute claims by fossil fuel and other companies, some of whom will not hesitate to poison us for profit. 

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