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Gas industry workers – help us uncover the truth and change reality.

Sometimes, life puts you in a place that helps you make a difference

This is a call to Israel’s gas industry workers, including Chevron/Nobel Energy employees and former employees, who are familiar with the work on gas platforms and gas and condensate pipelines, and can share first-hand information that could help us fight for the interests of the region’s citizens and environment.

Your knowledge places you in a unique position to bring about real change, illuminate the truth, allow it to be rectified. 


We need you

We understand that in all your years of work in the industry or with the regulator, you have done your best, believing that gas brings a message of clean fuel and life savings, that gas will enrich the state coffers… but – it all turns out to be a lie:

  • Gas is a fossil fuel. Measurement of its pollution throughout the supply chain (extraction, processing, transportation and burning) show it is not cleaner than other fossil fuels.

  • Gas (methane) is a potent greenhouse gas that exacerbates the existential climate crisis.

  • The famous ‘Fund of Affluence’ meant to benefit the Israeli public has not yet opened, and its expenses exceed its income…

  • The narrative that gas is good for Israel is false. In fact, gas is only good for the bank account of a few, at the expense of the health and lives of many…

We’ve set up a reporting channel that allows you to send emails anonymously. You can leave identifying information, so we can get back to you, or send an anonymous message.

In any case – your discretion is guaranteed.

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