עמוIHG works tirelessly to advance the monitoring and redesigning of Israel’s energy sector to safeguard the health of residents and the environment and to help fight the global climate crisis. To this end, we have established a volunteer network of professional teams and are also engaged in raising public awareness and involvement.

Correspondence with government and regulatory authorities

Our legal and scientific teams persistently correspond with the ministries of environment and energy to ensure the transparency of information, use of best available technologies, and effective monitoring of emissions critical to public safety.

Our teams:

  • Provide statements and reports from local and international experts.
  • Evaluate permit applications and prepare freedom of information requests.
  • File court petitions.
  • Have participated in Israel’s parliament committees on several occasions to address target goals for renewables, Chevron’s entrance into Israel and gas fired power plants.

    In fact, our legal and scientific teams are doing the work that the regulatory authorities, led by the ministries of environmental protection and health, should be doing for the public.

מומחים מדברים על אסדות הגז

Raising public awareness and support

IHG works extensively to mobilize public support, which we view as central to ensuring a safe and just energy sector for today and future generations.  

We continuously engage in media outreach. Initial attempts proved challenging (partially since certain gas industry stakeholders also own some of the leading media platforms). However, the media is now highly receptive to our positions and we have received crucial coverage by leading TV, newspapers, and radio channels, including platforms that formerly denied coverage or did so unfavorably.

Events, Advocacy Evenings, and Demonstrations

IHG has held countless:


       Informational evenings

       Demonstrations, including Israel’s largest-ever environmental protest at Tel Aviv’s iconic Rabin square and a world-record surfer’s circle

Protest events outside the homes of relevant personality and decision-makers

992 surfers break surfing circle world record in protest against endangering nearshore gas rigs

Professional conferences

IHG organizes professional conferences featuring local and international experts to expose municipal and government employees, members of academia, and the public to the dangers of Israel’s current energy policies and better solutions for its economy, public health, and environment.


Read more about Shomrei Habayit’s Professional Conferences


IHG works with relevant municipalities, regional councils, and political parties to promote safer energy policies for Israel’s residents and environment nationwide.

Collaborations with green and social activism organizations

IHG regularly collaborates with other Israeli green and social activist organizations and recently helped establish the “Green Energy Forum” uniting these groups. We believe that collectively, Israel’s activist organizations are vital to creating a better present and future for the people of Israel.


We undertake extensive fundraising activities and donate our own money as well, doing everything we can to tackle issues that sadly, our authorities have not.

Your support will allow us to continue to hire experts, file petitions and reject company claims, some of whom will not hesitate to poison us for their profits.

We would greatly appreciate your support for the health of Israel’s residents and environment, today and for generations to come.



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