Homeland Guards is a national volunteer-based organization focused on environmental protection, and specifically on guaranteeing the fair and correct conduct of governments, corporations and companies towards the citizens and residents of Israel.  It is a non-profit organization funded entirely by donations from individuals and groups without any political agenda, who choose to support the organization because they agree with its goals.

Homeland Guards Aims:

1. Processing crude gas will only be done above the well 120 km into the sea.
2. There will be no transportation, storage or treatment of the dangerous by-products of natural gas processing on Israel’s land.
3. Relocating petrochemical industry from Israel’s population centers.
4. Meeting Israel’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, based on UN’s IPCC, in order to fight global climate change.

אסדה צפה - תצמצם את הזיהום לים

Homeland Guards Principles:

As a civilian organization leading an important and critical struggle for all the residents and citizens of Israel, we have agreed on three basic principles to define our struggle:

* Non-political: the organization avoids completely taking sides on political issues and it is home to activists from all political parties – right or left, religious or secular, Jewish and Arab, Men and women, and anyone who identifies with our aims.

* Non-Violent: the tens of thousands of our volunteers and supporters are law-abiding citizens. All our activities are carried out in complete accordance with the laws and regulations. We fight relentlessly, but with no violence whatsoever.

* Respectful dialogue: our strength lies in the justness of our cause, and in our ability to maintain a respectful and appropriate dialogue.

Take Actin

Help transition Israel to life-saving clean energy

Take Actin

Please help transition Israel to life-saving clean energy

“When the Blessed Holy One created the first human, He took him and led him round all the trees of the Garden of Eden and said to him: “Look at My works, how beautiful and praiseworthy they are! And all that I have created, it was for you that I created it. Pay attention that you do not corrupt and destroy My world: if you corrupt it, there is no one to repair it after you.”

Kohelet Rabbah

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