IHG began as a grassroots movement in 2017, seeking to prevent the construction of the Leviathan gas rig only six miles off Israel’s northern coast by Noble Energy. The struggle was galvanized by a 2016 report that the offshore Tamar rig, located 14 miles from the southern city of Ashdod and also built and operated by Noble, had emitted more than 30 times (!) the pollutants predicted. In fact, the rig had released more carcinogens than all of Israel’s power plants and factories combined.

Unfortunately, the nearshore Leviathan rig began operations in 2020. However, we refused to relinquish Israel’s citizens’ rights to a safe environment for today and future generations. Instead, we expanded our vision nationwide — to transition Israel to renewable energies, remove petrochemical facilities from population centers, and optimize pollution monitoring and enforcement.

Today, IHG operates regional groups nationwide, enjoys broad support, and is funded by the public alone. Our organization became a non-profit association in August 2018.

Our work groups focus on strategy, government relations, legal actions, scientific research, marketing and digital, branding, advertising, fundraising, and field activity. Activities at both regional and national levels are voluntary, but we also procure the services of nationally and internationally recognized professionals to provide unbiased expert reports.

IHG operates in close cooperation with other Israeli environmental groups and is a board member of the long-standing Life and Environment, featuring most of Israel’s non-profit environmental organizations.

IHG Goals & Principles

  • Safeguard Israel’s public health and environment by encouraging the rapid transition to renewable energies, emphasizing solar
  •  Launch Israel’s first independent, citizen-funded air pollution monitoring platform
  • Remove petrochemical facilities and infrastructure from Israel’s population centers
  • Help fight climate change through national policies ensuring that Israel meets the UN’s IPCC greenhouse gas emission targets

As a civilian organization leading a critical struggle for all of Israel’s residents, we embrace three basic principles:

Impartiality: Our organization is home to activists from all parties, ethnicities, and religious affiliations. 

Non-violent: We relentlessly pursue our cause, but our activities are non-violent and in complete accordance with Israeli law.

Respectful dialogue: our strength lies in the justness of our cause and our ability to maintain a respectful and appropriate dialogue.

Take Actin

Please help transition Israel to life-saving clean energy

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