About Our Struggle


The photos say it all.
Submitted by our supporters for a photography competition,
they share moments of beauty & darkness, empowerment & challenge, laughter, loss, love.
It’s why we’re here. And what we’re fighting for. Nationwide.
And the time — as pollution costs to Israel’s environment & public health are already 31 billion annually — is now.

"Every shekel or minute of attention paid to advancing the gas industry will come at the expense of renewable energy projects that we so desperately need... Projects set up now could stay with us for decades and delay Israel's transition to a carbon-neutral economy."

Yoni Sappir, CEO, Israel Home Guardians

Our Goals & VALUES

  • Safeguard Israel’s public health and environment through the rapid transition to renewable energies, emphasizing solar
  • Launch Israel’s first citizen-funded air pollution monitor
  • Remove petrochemical facilities from Israel’s population centers
  • Help fight climate change through national policies ensuring that Israel meets the UN’s IPCC greenhouse gas emission targets

As a civilian organization leading a critical struggle for all of Israel’s residents, we embrace three basic values:

Respectful dialogue

Our strength lies in the justness of our cause and the ability to maintain respectful and appropriate dialogue.     


Our organization is home to activists
from all parties, ethnicities, and religious affiliations.

Non violent

We relentlessly pursue our cause, but our activities are non-violent and in complete accordance with Israeli law.

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Take Actin

Please help transition Israel to life-saving clean energy

Take Actin

Please help transition Israel to life-saving clean energy

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