about homeland-guards

Homeland Guards

Homeland Guards is a national volunteer-based organization focused on environmental protection, and specifically on guaranteeing the fair and correct conduct of governments, corporations and companies towards the citizens and residents of Israel. It is a non-profit organization funded entirely by donations from individuals and groups without any political agenda, who choose to support the organization because they agree with its goals.

Homeland Guards' Aims:

Processing crude gas will only be done above the well 120 km into the sea.
There will be no transportation, storage or treatment of the dangerous by-products of natural gas processing on Israel's land.
Relocating petrochemical industry from Israel's population centers.

Homeland Guards' Principles:

As a civilian organization leading an important and critical struggle for all the residents and citizens of Israel, we have agreed on three basic principles to define our struggle:

  • Non-political:
    the organization avoids completely taking sides on political issues and it is home to activists from all political parties – right or left, religious or secular, Jewish and Arab, Men and women, and anyone who identifies with our aims.
  • Non-Violent:
    the tens of thousands of our volunteers and supporters are law-abiding citizens. All our activities are carried out in complete accordance with the laws and regulations. We fight relentlessly, but with no violence whatsoever.
  • Respectful dialogue:
    our strength lies in the justness of our cause, and in our ability to maintain a respectful and appropriate dialogue.

Support us in our struggle for the responsible development of our gas industry, with respect to the environment and to each other.