Gas industry workers – help us uncover the truth and change the reality

call for Noble Energy Employees to speak Up 2

Sometimes, life puts you in a place that allows you to do things for the benefit of all and change reality.

This is a call for gas industry workers and Nobel Energy employees and former employees, who are familiar with the work on gas platforms and gas and condensate pipelines, and know how to tell first-hand information that can help us fight for the interests of all citizens of Israel, the sea, the beaches and the air.

Employees or former employees in government ministries and other agencies too – we invite you to reveal the truth so that together we can make a change, for the future of us all here in Israel.

We understand that in all your years of work in the industry or at the regulator, you have done your best, believing that gas brings a message of clean fuel and life savings, that gas will enrich the state coffers… but – it all turns out to be a big lie:

  • Gas is of the fossil fuel family, and from measuring its pollution throughout the supply chain, it is not cleaner than other fossil fuels.
  • Gas (methane) is a potent greenhouse gas, and it exacerbates the climate crisis that threatens the ability of our children and us to live in this world in a supportive and economic environment.
  • The famous fund of affluence has not yet opened, and its expenses exceed its income…
  • The narrative that gas is good for Israel is false, and in fact, the gas is only good for the bank account of a few, at the expense of the health and lives and money of many…

Therefore, your knowledge places you today where you can bring about real change, illuminate the truth, allow it to be rectified. 

We need you –

We've set up a unique reporting channel for you, which allows you to send emails anonymously. You can leave identifying information, so we can get back to you, or send an anonymous message without any identifying information.

In any case – your discretion is guaranteed.

Sunlight sterilises.

And thank you!


How do you do that?

One option:

Please log into the link:

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Instructions for filling out the form:

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And what do we get?

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Second option:

Create a free and anonymous Proton email account, a secure Swiss email application.

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